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The Experiment

 The BrazilDry experiment is a forest restoration project and a tree biodiversity experiment that looks into the effects of tree diversity and tree facilitation on ecosystem resistance to desertification, carbon sequestration, soil quality and fauna colonization. It was stablished on a former degraded farmland in the National Forest of Açu Federal Reserve, in semiarid Caatinga tropical forest in July 2016

Lat: 5.58 S

Lon: 36.95 W

Restoration Ecology

The overall goal of the experiment is to develop new restoration techniques to recover degraded dry tropicalforests and fight desertification. Hence, the main aim of the experiment is to understand how species diversity nd facilitation processes can influence desertification resistance and ecosystem functioning of rstored forests. We will uantify desertification (soil exposure), biomass, soil erosion, soil compaction, canopy cover and fauna colonization.

Semiarid dry tropical forest


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